Jorge Ferlin Dale Nogari dos Santos

Brazilian, Italian Citizenship
From Passo Fundo/RS

Official Public Auctioneer since 1998, by the States of Paraná (Registration No. 606/98 - Jucepar), Santa Catarina (Registration No. AARC 234) and Rio Grande do Sul (Registration No. 395/19), Rural Auctioneer by the Agriculture Federation of the State of Paraná (Registration No. 001/96 - FAEP), operates in the organization, execution, management and advising of auctions, promoting the sale through auction especially of bankruptcy assets, fiduciary disposals and large assets, within the scope of judicial organizations, public-administrative and private sectors. Member of the Asociación Americana de Rematadores, Corredores Inmobiliários y Balanceadores (Montevideo, Uruguay - since 1986), a leading institution in Mercosur, which collaborated in the production of text for the book “A Leiloaria no Sistema Jurídico Brasileiro” (FERLIN, Marília. 1. ed. Passo Fundo , RS: Ed. Do Autor, 2006).

Agricultural Engineer since 1992 (CREA 24.846-D / PR and CREA 095044-4 / SC), Patrimonial Assets Expert and Appraiser by the Brazilian Institute of Engineering Appraisals and Expertise - IBAPE / PR and SC and Engineering Institute of Paraná - IEP, member of the engineers department of the Chamber of Real Estate of the State of Paraná - CVI.

Graduated in Business Administration from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Foreign Trade Positivo - PR, post-graduated in Commercial and Business Law from Fundação Getúlio Vargas - FGV, Mediator from the Paraná Mediation Institute, South American Forum on Luxury Business in Brazil - Porto Alegre / RS, Course in Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy by the Paraná Magistracy School - EMAP, graduated in Professional & Self Coaching, in Business & Executive Coaching and Master Coach by the Brazilian Coaching Institute - IBC, Executive Education Program of high quality Coaching and Leadership Certification Seminar, by Ohio University College of Business (OHIO CoB).

Heritage of a Legacy

In 1968, in the rural environment of a farm, located in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, the young auctioneer Luiz Carlos, father of Auctioneer Jorge Nogari, then at the age of 34, started the “hammer fall” with the sale of heads of cattle, for meat and dairy.
Pedigree livestock from different regions of the south of the country and from his own farm passed through the bid track, composed by high quality cattle, including awarded animals in state exhibitions.

In 1975, public auctions of movable and immovable property, of various kinds, were started by the patron, upon registration with the Commercial Registry of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

A year later, in Passo Fundo, RS, Jorge Nogari was born, his only son. From a young age, about forty years ago, he was tasked by his father to work on all the tasks involved in the auction event: distributing leaflets (including at the university parking lot at night), attending to the public, noting each last bid, supported on a clipboard, at the foot of the auctioneer father (sometimes being inadvertently hit in the head by the movements of the hammer), taking billets to the office (in the middle and below the waist of the standing audience, as there was no comfort in the auditoriums), capturing bids in the track, issue notes, and so many other things. According to the zealous father's principles, tasks should be known, learned and performed from an early age.

Upon graduating in agronomy and administration, Jorge Nogari sought specializations in assessment engineering and business law, and would come to embrace the profession definitively, applying his father's valuable and ever-present teachings.

Father Luiz Carlos' intense and uninterrupted activity was recognized and awarded by the Agriculture Federation of the State of Rio Grande do Sul, with the “Martelo de Ouro” trophy, on August 27, 1994. The ceremony took place at the institution's headquarters, at the interior of Esteio/RS exhibition park, in the middle of that year's Expointer. This had occurred exactly one day after the birth of his grandson, Artur.

Together with his father, Jorge established his own base in Curitiba, radiating, since then, the know-how and work to the interior of that state.

They developed and implemented, together with the Labor Court, through SIEX - Secretaria Integrada de Execuções (Integrated Secretariat of Executions), a system of judicial auctions that would standardize the auctioneer's work, in addition to the function of private judicial depositary.

This structure of procedures and cost spreadsheets was regulated through the service order created (co-authored and reviewed by Marília, mother, teacher, bachelor of law and also auctioneer), receiving the seal of the judges and the high echelon of that judicial body, and published in the justice journal in 1997.

In view of the expressive result, translated by the resolution of thousands of labor lawsuits, both by the completed bids and by the remissions promoted, these obtained by the pressure of the auctioneer’s work, father and son, were invited by COLEPRECOR, collegiate of the country’s presidents of the labor courts, to present the case, unique in Brazil, in an event of that restricted group of magistrates, in Cuiabá/MT. “A stranger in the nest”, as Luiz Carlos Nogari honorably exalts.

Like this one, so many other fronts have been worked, in these almost fifty years, in the creation and opportunity of auction businesses, not only nationally, but also abroad.

In close relationship with professional comrades from neighboring countries, since the founding year, 1972, it has been actively participating in the Asociación Americana de Rematadores, Corredores Inmobiliários y Balanceadores, one of the precursors to the formation of Mercosur, with permanent headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay. In the executive positions of that entity, from secretary to president, he excelled in promoting professional, cultural and business exchanges between members of the three professions: auctioneers, real estate brokers and balancers (a very widespread activity in Argentina).

In 2006, also in Porto Alegre/RS, father and son received the “TOP Of Business South Region” Award, in the fourth edition of the event promoted by the Associação Leopoldina Juvenil (Leopoldina Youth Association), an event that honored companies and professionals who stood out in their areas of expertise. In 2010, once again, they were awarded the “TOP Of Quality 2010”, on this occasion by the Order of Parliamentarians of Brazil - OPB, a tribute most sought after in quality and international efficiency in the Auction Branch.

Since the beginning of his activities, Jorge Nogari has carried out countless auctions, in favor of good practice, for diverse audiences of all kinds. A universe of the most varied assets was sold: "from the broken lamp to the plane", as a joke (cemetery land and wedding dress too).

Always, and invariably, making use of and raising to the air the instrument of strength and truth: the hammer. And, in a firm and precise movement, at the level of the heart, with the cry of I give you three, sealing the fair and perfect sales contract.

In the past, only to the public present, today, also to the online public via Internet auctions.

The virtual environment enhanced results. He glimpses, supported by the hammering decades, that the future is exciting and challenging!

Valuable businesses will be concluded, with maximum execution efficiency and total customer satisfaction, whether they are sellers or buyers, wherever they are. We are moving towards the excellence of the auction house, which, in the organization of this laborious and tireless auctioneer, continues to live in the third generation, and for many others to follow.