The Nogari Leilões Organization reinvents itself through an elaborate restructuring of its operational and human bases, in response to the avid contextual advances of the world and business.

Even in the face of exquisite evolution, with the incorporation of technological innovations and the professional improvement of the auctioneer and his collaborators, the feeling that guides the construction of true and humanized relationships is made vivid and even more vigorous in the ecosystem of emotions caused by the hammer.


When entrusting an item to the Nogari Leilões Organization, the Selling Customer will have faithful expertise and security in the use of a powerful instrument of immediate conversion of assets into available capital, conducted in an assertive and thorough manner, with exclusive attention to the specificities of each item, guaranteeing the best hammer fall experience.


The auctioneer Nogari and his team have the mission to always build a true and lasting relationship with their buyer customers, based on an environment of security and constant advice, truly promoting the fulfillment of their expectations through good deals.

Nogari Leilões cherishes for:


The Auction is widely publicized and published in a public legal notice. The bidding session is open to the public for full access, in person or digitally, including through transmission via the world wide web through the website All interested parties have access to the procedure and the price obtained. The acts and results of the sale are recorded and endorsed in the auction report, registered at the Board of Trade, with public faith.


The documentation of the properties and other assets are meticulously examined by the technical and legal team of Nogari Auctioneer, and the assets are put up for auction in absolute legal condition for sale and transference to the bidder. Possible liens and debts are mentioned in the auction notice, as required by law.


THE AUCTION is an event open to the participation of a public currently very well informed about the prices charged by the real estate market, guiding the maximum bid ceilings so that they remain at attractive levels.


The minimal price bids in the auction are, by nature, significantly lowers than those practiced by the market. The Nogari Auctioneer starts bidding sessions at 50% the price of the appraisals, in judicial auctions, or at even lower amounts, for the amounts of the debts, in the case of fiduciary disposals.


The Nogari Leilões Organization offers specialized legal advice to interested parties: in the previous phase of the auctions, during the public act and in the post-auction.


Our experienced and specialized team provides constant assistance in all phases of the auction:


When we provide all the technical information, registration, descriptive features, location and market characteristics of the properties, construction potential, as well as an extensive collection of photographs, videos and plans. In the same way for other assets. Visits are scheduled and can be followed. The technology of drones has allowed to produce very interesting videos, with internal and aerial images of the properties, in dynamic movement and surprising angles;


We advise interested parties on the conditions of participation established in the auction notice rules, clarifying legal and procedural doubts;


We welcome all bidders in the live auction environment, always very well prepared with amenities and lead them to accreditation; at the appointed time, Nogari Auctioneer starts the auction, mentioning the conditions of the legal notice, loud and clear, transmitting the act over the internet, in real time, receiving verbal and electronic bids. The team assists and accompanies online bidders. The hammer will knock down to the highest bid, announcing the winners and consummating the sales!


Since the auction was sealed by the hammer’s fall to the highest bid, we escort the bidder to a reserved area to make the payment, purchase and commission, and sign the necessary documentation. Subsequently to the day of the event, until the assets become the property of the bidders, we will be clarifying and guiding them, including with legal advice.